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Welcomesin the word and in the family

Due scarpine da neonato

When it comes to events capable of shaping our lives, there is one that prevails over all: the arrival of a boy or girl. Whether it comes from a birth or an adoption, their impact is irreversible. Like other rites of passage, even those related to birth have been present in different cultures and latitudes since ancient times, its purpose is to present and integrate the unborn child into the family and into society by giving it a name.


In Italy the rite of birth is commonly associated with baptism of Christian inspiration, for this reason one of the common names given to this type of ceremonies is that of "lay baptism". The word "baptism" comes from the Greek and means "to immerse in water", they are found traces of rituals with water dating back to before Christ, on the other hand he himself was baptized by John the Baptist, a clear indication of how much baptism existed before Christianity. However, the intention of baptism remains to purify it, which is why I consider the idea of calling it "lay baptism" (or "civil baptism") an oxymoron. Another name commonly given to this type of ceremonies is that of "name ceremony", which is more fitting.


The welcome ceremony involves small children and often there are several others to assist you, for this reason we always try to keep a light structure and a limited duration (about 20 minutes). The structure includes an introduction, a rite of your choice, any external interventions or readings of poems and prose of your choice, thanks and closing. If parents wish, it is also possible to include a promise made by them to their child.

Una bambina orgogliosa


As with other ceremonies it is possible (and recommended) to integrate rites that charge the event with symbolic meaning
Sand rite It is one of the most malleable rites, and as such easily usable in a welcome. 3 sands will be used to symbolize the parents and the new arrival.
Light rite Two candles, the parents, the fire, a symbol of life that is given to a third candle.
Time box A box in which thoughts, hopes and promises are enclosed, together with significant objects. It will be opened after a predetermined number of years, when the offspring will have become adolescents (or adults).
Celtic rite The Celtic rite has a very strong bond with nature and the 4 fundamental elements (water, fire, earth and air).
Rito dei colori A blank canvas on which to play with colors will be the first painting in his room.
Tree rite A new life enters the family, a new tree is planted.


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