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Marriage ceremoniesThe wedding in his most inclusive meaning

Una cerimonia di nozze con una torre antica sullo sfondo

Our philosophy regarding weddings and civil unions is to want to create an inclusive and modular service and offer. Whether it is a wedding or a civil union, whether it is a civil ceremony or a symbolic ceremony, it makes no difference to us. The features may change according to your needs, but our professionalism and dedication remains unchanged.

Different solutions

We offer different solutions for your marriage ceremony, which can be adapted to different budgets at your disposal.

Standard ceremony

The low-cost proposal, sometimes also called "repetition of the rite". Same text for everyone without the ability to customize (obviously exluding the names). It is a service that is aimed at who do not give value to the ceremony, but need to create a moment where formalize their union with the guests, often it's offered directly from locations that do not make use of professional celebrants collaborations.
Despite being low-cost it is the one with the worst value for money, we mention it only for the duty of report, despite the low professional value of this offering we have decided to DO NOT include it among those provided by us.

Personalized ceremony

Firma durante una cerimonia simbolica Our cheapest proposal, provides a script with a standard structure, where you can customize only some parts to make it your own:

  • Rites choice. You can choose the rituals you prefer. Are you wondering what a rite is? Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in “The Little Prince” define it as follow: “They are what make one day different from other days, one hour from other hours”. Take a look at our page that talks about rituals to find out more! (>> read the article)
  • Readings and interventions. You can include all readings (prose, poems or personal writings) you want, and have them read from your witnesses or guests.
  • Vows. Vows are always a very emotional and personal moment, they must be your own vows!

Personal ceremony

Una sposa legge la sua promessa allo sposo Our most successful proposal. The result is a script written specifically for the couple, where you can tell your story and vision of life.
In addition to what is foreseen for the personalized ceremony:

  • In-depth meeting. We will have a meeting (online or in person, about 3 hours) where you will tell me about you, your story and your way of seeing the couple and married life.
  • Script revision. The text will be presented to you before the ceremony, you can tell us what you like and what you would like to change, nothing will be left to chance.
  • Ceremony booklet. A bound booklet with your personal ceremony, speeches and promises will be your indelible memory.

Deluxe ceremony

Un vaso pieno di fiori secchi A tailored product for the most demanding couples, the creation of the ceremony becomes a real experience.

  • Let's get acquainted. In a meeting, you can understand a lot about a couple, but getting to know each other really well can take more time.
  • Multiple revisions. Something not fully satisfying you? We can change it! Is there still something that doesn't add up? Let's find other words.
  • Personal rite. Have you already taken a look at our page talk abput rites? There are several, but sometimes the perfect rite for a couple may not have been invented yet, so we do it !.
  • Vows writing. How many times does it happen that you want to say something but can't find the words? It can be frustrating when writing promises, but we are here to help! tell us what you want to say in your own words, we will shape it.
  • Rehearsal, which can also be done on location.

Ceremony Planner

Una coreografia musicale durante una cerimonia The ceremony becomes an event within the event, with its own specific design and planning for managing the budget and involved suppliers. By its nature, the ceremony planner is an extremely specific and targeted service, the precise definition of which must be agreed in the contractual phase.

Dynamism and flexibility are our essential values, the above are three proposals. To have yours, based on your particular needs and budget, just have to contact us!

Ill momento della lettura degli atti durante un rito civile

Legal value

The ceremony we will create for you may or may not have legal value.
By legal value we mean that the signing of the marriage or civil union certificate takes place during the ceremony itself.
In order to have legal value, it is necessary that the place where it is celebrated is a municipal house, today several locations are. To celebrate must be a civil status officer or delegated person, the delegation can be granted at the discretion of the mayor. If the delegation is recognized, I or the person you choose to celebrate will be able to celebrate, otherwise during the ceremony the mayor (or his delegate) will be given the floor for the paperwork.

Susanna Lecchi con la fascia tricolore.

What will change

What will changes between a ceremony with legal value and one without? Here are the differences:

  • The tricolor band. Only in an authentic civil ceremony can the tricolor sash be worn, in case it is worn for non-institutional rites you can incur the crime of marriage simulation.
  • Reading of the acts. During an authentic rite the articles of the civil code governing marriage (or civil union)) will be read within the marriage certificate itself. While the reading of the articles is something that we propose again for symbolic ceremonies, the reading of the acts is not done.
  • Signing of the documents. The signing of the deeds by witnesses and spouses is done during the ceremony itself. In the case of a symbolic ceremony, the actual marriage act is done at a different time, which can be before or after, even days away. However, it is possible to sign a certificate.).

economic charges

Celebrating in a location that is a municipal house leads to an economic burden to be recognized in the municipality where the location resides. It can be extremely varied and also very expensive (the figures range from hundreds of euros to thousands) and often represents the most important part of an authentic civil ceremony (or civil union). Even the handling of the paperwork due to the granting of the proxy could lead to some extra economic burden on my part, only if the municipality requires physical presence for the handling of the same (and therefore my time and travel).

Susanna insieme a due spose

Civil unions

Law 76 of 2016, known as the Cirinnà law, introduced the institution of civil union into our legal system. Compared to marriage there are similarities but also important differences, we talk about it in more depth in this article). In the case of authentic civil union (see previous paragraph) the substantial difference lies in the articles that are read. From a personal and emotional point of view, however, there is no difference, our wedding ceremonies are by nature inclusive and egalitarian.

Cerimonia con il ritop dell'albero

Symbolic ceremony

The symbolic ceremony is nothing more than a wedding ceremony that has no legal value.
This is an option that is adopted both in cases where the legal union is made at another time and place for reasons of different types (for example marriage abroad, or with multiple receptions), and as a considered choice, as it allows you to save some money and have more freedom in planning the ceremony.
When it is chosen, it is customary to deposit the signatures a few days before or after that of the ceremony and reception.
It is always possible to read the articles of the civil code that regulate the institution of marriage, as well as reproduce the moment of the signatures of the spouses and witnesses with a parchment.
It is strongly discouraged (and in some cases even considered illegal) to wear the tricolor sash or to pretend that you are celebrating a marriage with legal value. The good news is that there is no need, the authority to the ceremony is given in more sincere and truthful ways. (>> read more)).

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